Eight Dollars For Sex? This Guy Killed For It

by Alpha Harlot on March 5, 2018

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I’ve been offered money to do a lot of crazy sexual things. My claim to fame for a bit was that some guy paid me $300 to kick him in the balls once at a fetish party. It wasn’t even about “me” exactly…he just liked the boots that I was wearing. Whatever though…I took that money and bought myself another corset, so it was totally worth it.

Coming up with numbers for sex work is tricky. Just like with any service or product, if you high ball your consumer, you’re going to have to do a bit more work to find the right clients…if you lowball, you’re going to end up with people not appreciating what you’re selling as much.

In January of 2017, an Atlanta man named Felix Shirley was arrested for killing a woman named Misha Moore. He had just finished his shift at a car dealership when Misha approached him. They walked together for a little while and then he offered her $8 for sex.

How in the fuck are you going to offer someone $8 for sex?

When she said that it wasn’t enough money, he went psycho and started beating her. When he was done beating her, he shot her.

It’s a pretty fucked up story.

In late February, Shirley was finally convicted of his crimes and was sentenced to life in prison plus five years.

If someone ever offered me $8 for sex, I’d laugh so fucking hard right in their face.

My pussy is worth so much more than $8…EVERY pussy is worth more than $8.

Getting to see someone’s pussy is a fucking privilege and I think that people forget that sometimes. The oversaturation of sex into our everyday lives can devalue the physical contact that we are lucky enough to experience. I say, “Fuck that noise.”

Appreciate the pussy…

I’m glad this guy got locked up for killing that poor woman.

Source: NY Post

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