Electric Condoms Designed To Shock Your What?

by Calvin Clark on October 2, 2017

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As a bit of a late bloomer I’ve have only had sex in this era of the modern condom, but I’ve been told things are a lot different now. Apparently the condoms of old were thick, odd-fitting pieces of rubber that significantly dulled sensations for everyone involved.

Whatever, I was too busy being good at video games.

Thankfully, manufacturers did some research and improved the materials and processes, resulting in higher quality condoms that minimize any loss or change in sensation. While we occasionally see new condoms made out of better materials, or that have been coated with sensation enhancing lubricants, we haven’t seen a major breakthrough in a while.

This isn’t really anyone’s fault, there simply isn’t much left to improve with the modern jimmy hat. It’s not like we can stick a bunch of electrodes in there that shock your genitals during intercourse.

Oh, we can do that? Kewl.

An open source project called the Electric Eel is hoping to create condoms outfitted with a series of electrodes that are hooked up to a tiny controller. The idea is for the condom to emit small electrical impulses to increase sensitivity and match the sensation of sex without a condom. Sounds kinky!

The project is the work of researchers from Georgia Tech University, and by making the project open source they hope anything they create will go on to be used by condom and sex aid manufacturers. But why bother shocking your dick in the first place?

Apparently they feel this move will help improve society.

Many people choose to have sex without condoms because they can dull the sensation. We’ve seen Bill Gates offer a lot of money to whoever can improve condoms in an effort to encourage more people to use them, and this work is an effort to create the ultimate safe sex experience.

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