Elvira’s Naughty Alter Ego Strips Down In Classic Nudie Pics

If I tell you we have naked full frontal nudes of Cassandra Peterson you probably won’t be too pumped. But if I tell you we have nudies of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, (and you like goths and horror movies) then we might just give you a Halloween boner.

Obviously we all know celebs are not the characters they play in movies and tv (except for reality tv, yes the cast of Jersey Shore are a bunch of idiotic, oozing, snatches, in real life) but in the case of Elvira, the movie monster hostess and star of two horror-comedy movies, most people forget she’s just a made up character because actress Cassandra Peterson usually only appears in public for interviews and promotions as Elvira, but there is a real woman behind the vampy outfit and black wig, and she’s a ginger hottie!

Believe it or don’t, Cassandra’s now 60, but in the 1980s in her prime she did some naughty naked pictures as her redheaded self. Today is the perfect day to dig them up, you fans of large tits, red hair, and big bushes (I know you pubic hair lovers are out there, Bucky might like his snatches smooth but he knows you bush lovers read the site) are in for no trick, it’s treat time.

You can click on the thumbnails below for the full sized photos:

Via Fleshbot.com

  • Anonymous

    I must say she has always been desirable and these pics confirm it. What a beautiful fat spankin’ pussy!

  • I never knew that Elvira was a readhead until I saw her in the second of the Cheech and Chong movie “Up in Smoke” in which she had a small role on the movie set scene.  She does carry a full set of nice breasts that she seem to enjoy flaunting in low cut dresses such as she wore in her movie “Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.”  She also has a nice bush that looks very nice!  

  • Anonymous

    a very  sexy woman who, I suspect, could be anything or anyone for her men or man. Also, still good enough to eat. Actually met her a few years ago at a Halloween party at a Denver club and the guns are def real.

  • Captskull1

    Never met her, wish I did….. followered her career from the beginning  and my imagination went as wild as her performances.  Always believed that true natural red haired girls are the sexiest and Cassandra proves my point.  Forget the tattooed, pierced, sloppy pussy girls out there for Cassandra is the true beauty.  Even at 60, I would enjoy having her on my arm now and always. Whats life without a dream……. 

    • Anonymous

      you’re not alone, this was one of our most popular posts!

  • Jcbuelter56

    Awesome pics!!!!!!

  • Johnnypisoff

    Left me Breathless

  • Dk04254

    I’d sure eat her pussy

  • Manof1962

    I never knew Elvira was a natural Redhead.. oh! how I wish she was mine to love… Ken

  • Texture

    Elvira/Cassandra is so gorgeous.  I have met her 3 times now.  (Twice as ‘Elvira’, once as redhead Cassandra).  She is very friendly, funny & sexy.  She is a stunner – as are the photos here, though there is something about her smoothing her hand over her long, shapely Legs in her sheer black silky Pantyhose …  just so Seductive.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, and I’m jealous that you’ve met her

  • Mismitman8

    I’d go down on her in a heart beat.Love the pics.

  • well; fantasy over

  • Assassin7861

    Wow,amazing,my dream lady.

    • Assassin7861

      Met her over the weekend in London excel comic con,she is Beautiful,sexy,amazing,got her autograph plus took pics with her.

  • Hooligan

    Keep on Keepin’ on, and rock it till the sun comes up.

  • JCH

    I would eat that pussy for HOURS!!

    • BuckyBeall

      I hear that!

  • Benny Boy

    I always look at her photos again after a while. She is special. Great humor, down to earth, and unreal looks. She is really a dream girl. Cassandra or Elvira, they both give me a reason to want to bury the bone. Boi-yoi-yoiing.

  • Jojo

    As long as I have a face, she has a seat.

  • Dave

    She just looks weird with red hair. I knew she was a red head but I’ve seen her for so long in the Elvira costume I just can’t picture her any other way. I hope she shaved that thing she must in order to wear the black dress.


  • dusty rider

    your beauty is forever ageless!! i love that flaming red bush! aways have, always will!!!

  • big load

    Wow I have a taste for cassandra P she been my dream after for sometime now she’s one of the hippest girls around

  • Albano

    I saw a show when she pimped her ride(car) never thought she was this old

  • I would have loved seeing her with her Elvira makeup on.

  • Stevie

    Met her in LA. Gave her my number and hey she txt me yesterday so meeting for a drink :)))))

  • MagicMan910

    I’ve met her and she is married with a grown daughter but if you give her $1000.00 cash she will have sex with you and that is no joke

  • LovingTiger

    Elvira they don`t make um like you anymore,you are Pure Beauty and Very Hot & Sexy at any age plus I Love Natural Redheads and long Black hair to.And you are both Your Lust and Beauty are one of a kind,hell even a Sculptor could not create a More Lovable and Beautiful Lady!!! For sure you are put together in all the right ways and places Wow!!! What a Beautiful Lady you are in all the ways and places Oh Myyyyy!!!

  • adam gerstenhaber

    Tom Jones took her virginity..She need stitches at the hospital after he got done with her..

  • hotrod69xl

    elvira is so dam hot i could i would let her sit on my face all day and nite and i would fuck her in the ass
    and then the pussy 2

  • BigC

    I would dick her real good

  • Inaayah

    Love naked

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  • Doug T

    Nothing like a redhead , what else is there to say.

  • digitrack

    That is one super snatch



  • robertson buttley

    WOW !!!

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