Emma Thompson Caught Topless On-Set Of “Love Punch”

by Lola Byrd on June 21, 2012

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Not all celebrity nudity is equal. You don’t come to Peeperz to look at Emma Thompson’s tits, yet that’s what you’re looking at thanks to an inept towel holding assistant. Sure, she’s older than most and not as perky as some, but it’s still Emma freakin’ Thompson; she practically more famous than God. Okay, maybe not God, but one of the lesser apostles fo’ sure.

She’s famous, she’s topless; can you honestly tell me you wouldn’t look? I bet you would look if we posted pictures of a nude Betty White. I know I would. So fine, I might not get off on them (unless they were taken a good fifty years ago), but I would HAVE TO look.

Fame does a weird thing to otherwise normal people; it makes you want to see them naked. No matter who and no matter the occasion. Hell, if someone sent me a link to naked pictures of Steve Buscemi, I would click that link like a motherfucker, wouldn’t you? No shit, I would probably look at naked pictures of my (dead) grandmother if someone told me they were on the Internet somewhere.

Sounds fucked up? Sure, but wouldn’t the curiosity kind of eat at you until you just couldn’t take it anymore? Basically, I want to see everyone naked. The only exception to that rule is my father. I would say a firm no thanks to that one. Every rule needs an exception after all, and he fits that bill quite nicely. I do have some limits.

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