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Peeperz Radio coming at you! Join your host MB, for this mind blowing broadcast as he sits down with Erika Icon the owner and agent of the Adult Industry public relations firm ‘The Rub.”  Be sure to hit up some of our recent episodes, such as our interviews with Adult Trading Card Company owner JP Berkman as well as the custom-made milftastic Amber Michaels.

Ever wanted to know how to get into the adult industry? What roads to take, what numbers to dial and who you gotta blow to get your foot in the door? Well maybe not blow but perhaps a little flattery and a little bit of begging might suffice. Really though, Erika Icon may be your huckleberry. MB has so much fun talking with Erika Icon, owner of The RUB PR firm, that he can hardly believe that this interview can still be called business.  Erika is a hard-driving, charming, attentive, caring all around sweet person who supports her roster of clients like an extended family. Her clients get a counselor, an agent and a star-maker working to establish new talent and elongate and enrich the careers of established stars.

Erika’s client list reads like a Who’s Who of our business with people like Nikki Blue, Mia Isabella (XBiz Tranny of the year winner), Nikki Delano, Diamond Kitty, Julie Simone and others as well as promoting projects like OC Modeling Talent, Porn Star Road Trip, Adult Trading Cards (Btw, she’s the only PR person to have her own picture on an adult trading card…very rare, collect one today).  Ms. Icon is a practicing Nichiren Buddhist and chants daily for centering, balance and the relief of stress.  This eloquent lady does not look like she gets or gives stress.

By the way MB takes a call from Mr. Marcus during this interview to reschedule an interview. He’s a delightful man but slippery like an eel. So…… Listen to one agent talk with another, get an inside scoop on how the business works, as well as some industry dirt and gossip. This interview truly is the perfect fabled mixture between business and pleasure. The pleasure was all ours.

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Check out our gallery of Erika’s lovely clients below (click to continue):

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