Eva Longoria Sun Bathing Nip Slip

I’m quite fond of the bodacious bod of Eva Longoria but to be honest I don’t really know her work, I haven’t really followed her career or seen her much in the television shows and movies that have made her famous.

I guess she was big on Desperate Housewives, a program I once had to watch while masturbating on the couch because I was too stoned on poppers (Poppers! Not just for the gay community!) and too into my dick to change the channel.

Even though I don’t really know her celebrity output I know she’s famous for being a hispanic MILF that seemingly every dude on the net drools over, I know know her from sites like Peeperz much more than I do for any acting she may do.

And she is one foxy momma, which is why I’m sure we’ll be making people around the globe happy by posting these pics of her nips and tits taken while she was changing on the beach. Click the images in the gallery below for the larger versions of the nipple slips and tell us what you think of Eva in the Peeperz comments:

Via Phun.org