Eva Mendes’ Sex Tape

by Lola Byrd on March 15, 2012

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Eva Mendes is so goddamn hot, she makes me question my straight-ish sexual orientation all over again. She sizzles in every movie she’s ever been in, but did you ever watch The Spirit? A shitty movie that could have been awesome, but you get to see Eva Mendes’ perfect ass.

See what I mean? Fuck, that scene was hot. I saw the movie at the theater and I wish I could have reached for a remote and paused the damn thing on this particular shot. Pretty sure, everyone in the theater was thinking the same thing. Everything that happened in the movie after this scene is a blur. Not the same for Miss Mendes’ sex tape though, she’s in every scene, so they’re all memorable.

Internet fact: “Eva Mendes Sex Tape was a top Google search before the product even existed.”

Poor girl, there she was, struggling as an actress, making a name for herself and all these people kept asking for a damn Eva Mendes Sex Tape. It took her a while to put it together, but once she did it was the answer to life, the universe, and everything.
Check out the video:

I feel like I tricked you guys with the best title for a post ever, and now that I didn’t deliver the goods, I feel bad, so here are some sexy Eva Mendes nude-ish pics to smooth things over. Still friends?

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