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by Alpha Harlot on November 12, 2017

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I’m lucky that the Exxxotica convention travels to New Jersey every year. It’s a weekend filled with positive sex vibes and tons of fun. They always have Ladies Free Fridays so that’s when my wife and I head over to the game.

Walking around this year, there were a ton of new faces as well as some standards that you see every year. Lexi Belle, Alexis Texas and Stoya looked gorgeous, as always…and they expanded the BDSM dungeon section so that was fun. The more real BDSM knowledge that circulates, the better it is for pervs like me.

Of course, PornHub was there talking about their Model Program. The ladies in the booth were super friendly and knew their shit when my wife asked a few questions. I’m hoping that she’ll start making her own porno in addition to being featured in mine. The world needs to witness her masturbation techniques…it’s hot as hell.

We witnessed a very interesting conversation between Agreeable Agony, a leather toy vendor and a vanilla passerby about anal hooks.

“So what’s this for?” the vanilla man said as he was walking into the booth. He picked up the LARGEST anal hook they had and gestured towards the person working the booth.

“That’s an anal hook. You insert it anally and then thread rope into this hole here and you can work it into a rope suspension,”


“No…that wouldn’t work very well. The anus is not load bearing and that particular toy is definitely not the beginner’s model,”

The only time a butthole is load bearing is when it’s filled with cum, Peepz.

Remember that, it’s good advice.

We had a conversation with Lily Cade (our favorite Gold Star Lesbian performer) about the book that she’s writing. It’s a very exciting time in her life right now and she’s traveling all over the world, making smut when she can and filling up pages and pages with words that are coming together nicely. I kind of can’t wait to read what she has written for that project, but for now, I’ll stick to keeping up to date with her Patreon.

After we had made a few circles around the convention center and made a dent in both of our wallets, my wife and I decided to head back to the car. Before I even opened up my door though, she pushed me up against the car and started making out with me. I slouched down a bit so that I could be at her level and she slipped her hand up my skirt. I was only wearing fishnets underneath, so she tore a hole right through them so that she could work my clit with her fingers.

I tried to keep quiet, I swear I did, but before I knew it, there were a handful of people watching us from a comfortable distance.

“Don’t worry about them, just cum for me,” she whispered in my ear.

If there’s one thing you can say about me, it’s that I’m obedient.

I came quickly after that, stuttering out a passionate, “Oh fuck!” and then licking her fingers clean afterward.
We ended up talking to the 3 friends that watched us about Peeperz and PornHub and Xtube. Hopefully they’ll buy some of my porno after experiencing my real life.

Fingers crossed, in any case!

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