Facebook Dating? Let’s See How This Goes

by Alpha Harlot on October 3, 2018

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If Tinder had been around when I was single, my pussy would have been in a whole lot of trouble. At least with Craig’s List I had the ability to weed out the creep-o types that I wasn’t interested in banging. With the instant gratification of physical attraction right there in my face, I feel like I would have been hooking up on my lunch breaks just for fun.

Dodged that bullet for sure.

Everyone is looking for love, or sex, or some mixture of the two and facbook is about to jump on the bandwagon in full force. Late in September, they started rolling out their new service uniquely called, “Dating,” which will allow fb members to link their dating profiles to their fb profiles.

Being a pervert, this type of Big Brother stuff makes me so fucking nervous.

Facebook dating lets you upload nine pictures. It only imports your age and your first name, so you have to fill out the rest of your profile manually. There are OKCupid-esq questions like, What does your perfect day look like?” that you answer. They use that data to match you up with someone in your area that has similar interests.

They aren’t billing it as a place to hook up. Long-term relationships and meaningful encounters that aren’t based solely around sex are pretty much the user base that Dating is looking for. That was never my bag. Maybe that’s why facebook getting into the dating scene makes me so nervous.

I wouldn’t even give people my real name for the first three dates/hookups. The last thing that anyone I was dating needed access to is my grandfather’s facebook profile or the recipe videos that I decided to use for last Thanksgiving’s feast. I get they aren’t going to use your actual fb profile for your dating profile, but still…If it’s all the same machine, that makes me think that people would have access to that window somehow.

Dating is hard fucking work and you end up meeting more people that aren’t your cup of tea than anything else. One of the things that Dating gives people access too are your groups and events on Facebook. I’m not sure that I would want them to see beyond the dating profile that I’ve written. I think it’s easy to manipulate your dating game if you’re giving a palate of data about how the person is interested in spending their weekends.

I’m a slutty cynic though. We’ll have to see how this plays out.

In the meantime, here’s a PornHub clip of an Internet hookup that will have you begging to swipe right.

Source: Wired

Image: Kagney Linn Karter in My Bad Romance by Brazzers

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