Famous Orgasms Remixed Into Dubstep Song

by Bucky Beall on May 1, 2012

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I’m not exactly sure what this Dubstep club music the kid’s are all listening to is exactly. Ever since my rohypnol dealer got picked up by the MAN I haven’t been going out to the discotheques as frequently hence I’m a bit behind on the hip tunes the hepsters are moving their assholes to.

I asked Jordan Pornhub, our resident young party girl, bar whore, and music fan, to explain it to me:

 “In my professional opinion, Dubstep is what happens when you mix two parts Skrillex with one part Macbook Pro




That didn’t really help but this picture kind of clarifies what she means:

Or maybe that doesn’t really help at all. I asked XTube Kurtis who is both a porn god and a DJ to help us out:

Dupstep is a freak of nature that emerged from what I could only assume were 2 dot matrix printers fucking when it first emerged. However just like two ugly ass hillbilly parents having a drop dead gorgeous daughter something great was eventually derived from it.

When combined with subwoofers it creates an orgasmic cacophony causing 99.7% of all noise ordinance violations. It’s a music that features nothing but deep and grimy Bass, sub bass, synths and ear popping chopped vocals that would make even a Dungeons & Dragons player drop his d20 and shake his rump!

Somebody with more free time than even I have remixed famous orgasm scenes from (mainstream) movies into a Dubstep track, it’s not as good as making classical music from the fuck sounds of Tori Black but it’s still a jam I can shake my wang to.

Via TheSmokingJacket.com

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