Fap Along With Harlot: Girls In Glasses

by Alpha Harlot on October 10, 2015

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Glasses aren’t just for cum-shot target practice. They’re good for seeing too! I’ve been rocking spectacles for a very long time, so when I see a hot pornstar wearing a pair, it makes it that much easier to insert myself into her position.

There is something hella hot about a woman who is able to keep her glasses on while she’s getting a hell of a pounding. It’s an art sometimes, especially when you’re getting face fucked by a guy who likes grabbing the sides of your head.

Since Girls with Glasses turn me on so much, I thought we could all get off together while we were watching some PornHub clips. You ready to go? I’m dying to start and my pussy is actually aching for it.

First up, we have Samantha Rone in a video for Naughty Bookworms. She’s getting some extra credit in with her favorite professor who is just about ready to make her fantasies come true. One inch of dick stretches her pussy enough to knock her flat on her back and beg for more.

This tattooed cuties is pierced and ready to play. Her head skills are crazy good and her quick tongue is good for dirty talking and cock sucking. When she looks over the top of her glasses, her big brown eyes are ready to seduce her fuck buddy with the camera and whoever is watching her at home.

There is no doubt that Penny Pax is sexy. When you put a pair of glasses on her face, it’s time to take a trip to Boner City. This clip shows off all her best features, including her talented throat.

A blonde Euro babe gets naked in the back seat of taxi to show off her tattoos, which include the words “Bend Over,” on her thighs. When she is getting drilled from behind, her face (and her sexy specs) get right into the camera and you can tell how hard her new fuck buddy is getting it in.

Reversing roles for this last clip, Casey Calvert is a livery driver, taking two well-hung studs out to a club. When one of them forgets his wallet at home, they wind up turning around and getting into a little bit of the best kind of trouble.

Peepz, I think my figures are permanently cramped into a clit flicking position. That was a fucking intense masturbation session. I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did!

If you’d like a Fap Along list of your very own, hit me up in the comments below, or get in touch on twitter or tumblr.

Image: Tiffany Star in Out With the Emo, In With Hipsters by Brazzers

  • I have glasses but I never wear them and I really need to cause I can’t see. I went 30 years not wearing glasses and now I’m expected to wear them all the time. Do glasses on guys make them sexier the way that glasses on girls do?

    • I definitely think so. If I look back on the last 20 guys I banged, they all wore glasses. I never thought about that till now though.

  • edwards21

    Glasses aren’t a humongous turnon for me. Samantha Rone on the other hand is a HUGE turnon for me, and I don’t even really like blondes. She’s just that good.

    • She’s hot. After I found that one clip, I went down a Samantha Rone rabbit hole of videos and didn’t emerge for about an hour. She makes me hella wet.

  • GLovejoy

    I look better without mine, but its hard since glasses are so expensive. It’s not like clothing to were after someone you get wet over doesn’t like you in boy shorts, that’s a quick and inexpensive fix. Oh and what is it with the guy getting his cock sucked, really “oh yeah” he doesn’t deserve it, any guy or girl that doesn’t squirm and get all gooey over being tongud, licked and sucked by another person should be excited

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  • stationgas

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