Fap Along With Harlot: Cum on Eileen

by Alpha Harlot on January 27, 2018

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My twitter friend HennyBottle sent out a tweet the other night that got me thinking. He said:

And I was like…that’s a really good fucking point! Something should be done about this immediately.

I took to PornHub and quickly learned why such a movie does not seem to exist…

There really aren’t that many Pornstars that go by the name Eileen. Is it too old fashioned? Does it emit grandma vibes? I’m not sure, but I really feel like the industry is missing a niche.

Today I’ve pulled together 5 clips of Eileen’s cumming just for you Peepz. Some of them are a little bit out there, but they all involve naked ladies with spread legs getting it on.

You ready? Grab your favorite cum sock and let’s fap!

First up is an interestingly arousing clip that stars Eileen Sue, one of the two Eileens present in the PornHub database. Two ladies get covered in slime that is shot from a squirting dildo in a gloryhole. They end up slimed and sticky with jizzy cum lube all over their bodies and the surrounding area.

I have nightmares that are like this next vid. Stripped down to literally no clothing, Eileen walks through the streets of an old European city. She smiles and smirks at the reactions of the people surrounding her, fearlessly making her way through the crowds.

Eileen Wells is the other Eileen available for our perusal. She looks similar and she also seems to shoot mostly girl-on-girl videos. She gets interviewed by and strips for legendary performer Silvia Saint in this one.

Ms. Sue gets together with another lovely brunette in this video. The two ladies wake up from a nap and get right down to business pleasing each other with their mouths. They both scream out their orgasms, so make sure you have the volume turned up.


I wish that every Fap Along could end in a lesbian orgy. Actually, I wish that every day would end in a lesbian orgy, but sometimes you have to have realistic goals. It’s definitely my kind of party when things start off with four naked ladies in a hot tub.

That’s all for this week, Peepz. Thanks again to Henny for providing the inspiration for this week’s Fap Along. If you have a Fap Along that you’d like to see, hit me up in the comments below or on twitter

See you next week!


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