Fap Along With Harlot: Go Sports, Revisited!

by Alpha Harlot on December 22, 2018

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For the past few months, while Lisa Ann has been preparing for her big comeback, I’ve been listening to a lot of sports talk. She’s a huge fan of all things balls so I’ve picked up a thing or two about a thing or two.

Actually that’s a lie.

I still know zero about most organized ball moving.

That’s OK though, because I can still turn to porno if I’m looking for a fix. Are you Peepz ready to learn AND get turned on? Let’s fap!

I’m going to start this post off with a clip starring the master herself, Lisa Ann. She’s hunting for some competition in this Bang Bros clip and finds herself knee deep in some big black cock to stuff in all her holes.

Alexis Rodriguez doesn’t understand the type of dick she’s about to encounter until it’s too late. She’s shooting some hoops and learning how to play the game when she loses and has to take her top off. That leads to sexy times, obviously.

If you’ve been reading along with my posts for the past decade or so, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of unusual insertions. I had to watch this clip 4 times because I couldn’t stop masturbating long enough to type. Aurora Belle flashes and plays in public and then she fucks her tennis racket. I mean…that’s like all my favs wrapped up in one.

Are cheerleaders even a thing at baseball games? I don’t think they are…but that’s OK. The hotness of this scenario more than makes up for it’s believability.

Is working out a sport? I asked my wife and she said no. Maybe working out is the best sport there is though, because if you’re doing it, you’re winning. Idk. Maybe that’s a stretch. Anyway, for the last clip today August Taylor gives a VERY loud blow job and then gets her back banged out while she’s bending over a treadmill.

That’s all for this week, Peepz. I hope you’re sweaty and drained of cum, just like me. If you’d like a fap along of your very own, hit me up in the comments below or get in touch on twitter.

Image: Nicole Aniston in Betting on the Backspin by Brazzers

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