Fap Along With Harlot: Go Sports!

by Alpha Harlot on February 7, 2016

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I can’t even pretend that I’m into sports. I tried twice in my life and both situations left me feeling pretty stupid that I was being fake as fuck and trying to impress people. It’s always best to be yourself and just impress people with your very own sparkling personality.

In any case, there’s some kind of super huge sporting event happening in the U.S. and since no one can stop talking about it, I starting thinking about sports. And porn. Because I’m always thinking about porn.

I put together a list of some sports related clips for us to fap to together during half time or whenever it is that the mood strikes you. I’m thinking now, but if you want to edge yourself a bit and wait awhile, I’m OK with that. You ready? Here we go!

First up is the lovely Jeri Lynn and her plump pussy. She masturbates in a sporting goods store while people are walking around. Just as you think she’s about to get caught, she pulls her short shorts back up and walks away from the camera. It’s sexy as hell in a dangerous sort of way.

Is stretching a sport? I’m not sure that it is, but this chick has the word plastered across her bum so I’m going to say that this clip counts. Watch her get a bit limber before she deepthroats some dick and gets plowed from behind.

Cheerleading is definitely a sport and Spencer Scott is definitely hot. In this When Girls Play clip, she gets down with Adriana Sephora and their thighs get soaked with saliva.

Topless bubble soccer turns into dick sucking cum fest with a little bit of buttsex? Ok. That sounds good. I’m down.

Though it takes a few minutes for this clip to get to the sex on an air hockey table stuff, the fucking before hand is nothing to shake your dick at. Actually, maybe you should shake your dick at it. In an upward fashion…until jizz squirts out.

That’s it for this week, Peepz. If you’d like a Fap Along list of your own, hit me up in the comments below or over on twitter. Keep stroking!

Image: Kayla Kayden in Busty Blonde’s Ball Handling Lesson by Brazzers

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