Fap Along With Harlot: I’m Trying to Seduce You

by Alpha Harlot on May 22, 2016

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I love being seduced. When I was younger, I’d always rush straight into sex because orgasms were what I craved. Now, I’ve realized that enjoying the buildup of the seduction can make the orgasm even more intense.

This week, my self-love sessions have centered around that type of seduction. Are you Peepz ready to play? Undies down, jizz towels out…let’s Fap!

The sexy Asian women in this Zenra video seem to love exploring each other. From a quick flick of the tongue on a nipple to a lingering kiss between two dancing tongues…this is all about the seduction and getting your partner ready for sex.

I’m not sure that there are very many women who are able to tease (or suck dick) as exquisitely as Camille Crimson is. In this all-oral clip, she uses her hands and lips as the ultimate tool to guide her partner to straight into orgasm.

Lorena Garcia and Whitney Conroy touch each other softly, caressing every inch of skin imaginable. When the pussy licking started, I was nearly ready to explode myself but I held out for a little longer to enjoy the on-screen buildup.

When your mattress isn’t bouncy enough, you should really call for a specialist to check out the situation. In this Seduced by a Cougar clip, Nikita Von James uses her long legs and huge boobs to get her handyman into her bed, which is exactly where she wants him.

Kinky, taboo seduction is a big porno market. There’s something about watching something you know is wrong that makes you feel all sorts of tingly in the pants. In this video, a step-dad goes back and forth fucking his step-daughter and her bff.

That’s it for this week, Peepz. My fingers are wrinkled with cum and it’s time to throw my undies in the wash. Hit me up in the comments below if you’d like a Fap Along list of your very own. I’ll see you next week!

Image: Isis Love and Luna Star in Seducing The Sitter by Brazzers

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