Fap Along With Harlot: Knees to Your Shoulders, Please

by Alpha Harlot on November 18, 2017


You know when you’ve got a girl on her back, with her knees up in the air? I love that position. I love being able to spread a pussy wide open and explore every inch of it. I know it’s kind of missionary, but I feel like once the knees pass the shoulders, it’s magical.

I put together a set of five PornHub clips for you today to prove my point. Grab your lube and let’s get ready to Fap!

Miss Banana is a Swedish amateur who loves giving everything she has into sexy (blow jobs in particular actually). She’s the real deal, Peepz. She gets pounded from every position including my favorite. If you make it through this clip without exploding, I’ll be impressed.

Fake Taxi is always good for a quick anonymous fuck between perfect strangers. In this clip, a sexy blonde gets divorced, hopes in a cab and then gets her beautiful titties sucked on before putting her knees up to her ears to get her cunt eaten.

Amateur MILF Alex Adams knows her way around a cock. She just got home from her workout at the gym and she’s looking like she’s a bit thirsty for cum. When she’s ready to take the pop shot, her knees are bent and at her ears, leaving her puss wide open for touching. The load is epic in this one.

Maybe the whole reason that I love this position so much is because I’m really into double penetration. It’s one of the best ways to get access to every orifice that needs stuffing. In this Hardcore Gangbang Fantasy, an office slut gets stripped down and violated by her co-workers.

I’ve been fucked at Diamond Jackson in this Brazzers clip. It was a different position since I just hiked up my skirt, doing it a bit more on the DL. But whatevs. It was still fucking sexy. She gets her ass licked by Simone Sony while her pussy is being stuffed with dick.

That’s all for me this week Peepz. May your orgasms be as long as my wife’s cock.

Image: Nicolette Shea in Bath Bombshell by Brazzers

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