Fap Along With Harlot: Mean Girls Get Freaky

by Alpha Harlot on August 19, 2017

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Why are mean girls so sexy? I love a confident bitch who won’t take bullshit from anyone. When I get all riled up and start talking nasty, I always end up getting soaked. It’s the adrenaline pumping through my system and the anger and frustration building up…as soon as I start acting like a cunt, I’m turned on.

This week, I figured that we should all fap together with some of the meanest bitches in the business. You Peepz ready to all that bad stuff out of your system? Let’s go!

When these two schoolgirls get caught dyking out in the showers, their principal (Princess Donna) takes matters (and pussies) into her own hands to teach them a lesson. Gangbangs for punishment anyone?

Lesbian sexy time gets super rough and rowdy in this next clip. The blonde center of attention has to lick everything in site and make sure that everyone else’s satisfaction is covered before her own. She can take just as much as she can give though. Don’t get it twisted.

This mean girl is a trickster. She tells the guy that she’s massaging that she’s sitting on his dick, but really she’s just using a jerk off sleeve and is VERY uninterested in his peen.

Sorority girls are infamously hot and infamously mean. This clip proves that you can do just as much damage with a dildo as you can with a dick. If you’re into humiliation and sneaky chicks, you’re going to love this one.

Girl fight! When there’s a competition for cock, there’s always enough to go around. Ariella Ferrera and Missy Martinez know exactly what it takes to be on top of every situation.

That’s all for this week Peepz. Remember when you’re pissed off, sometimes all you need is a good stroke or two to clear your head.

Image: Jessa Rhodes, Kayla Carrera and Kendra James in Hot Cop Mean Cop by Brazzers

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