Fap Along With Harlot: Spring Break Sexiness

by Alpha Harlot on March 23, 2019

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Right now, my full time job is in a library on a college campus. It’s a fun job, but college students can be a bit…annoying…sometimes. I know it’s not their fault. Their parents are paying a buttload of money to send them to school and all they’re looking for in return is all the answers. The fact that spring break is coming up, and that I’m going to have a bit of a respite from dealing with the students makes me incredibly happy.

Know what else makes me happy?

Spring break themed porno.

I’ve scoured the depths of PornHub to find you five videos that include vacation views and party times, so that we can all live through our college days together again, at least for the amount of time it takes to cum.

You Peepz ready? Grab a towel and your favorite swimsuit. Let’s get ready to fap!

. Let’s get ready to fap!

Nebraska Coeds always features hot college babes in their clips. This blonde Ukrainian hottie is ready to have some fun in the sand all by herself. I love the dreamy vibe of this clip and how she rides the dildo when the vibrator is firmly placed on her clit.

Daisy Stone goes for a ride in the Bang Bros Bus after she ditches her friend on the sidewalk. She shakes her ass on some dick while she’s wearing half of her neon pink bikini. Wait til you see her tan lines.

Give a bunch of dudes 4 semi-clothed ladies on a raft and they’ll start pawing away like they own the joint. There’s beer, there’s beads and there’s a whole lot of groping.

The mountains make a beautiful backdrop for this sexy hook up clip. Two of the ladies lick each other on the shore while lake water is lapping at their toes. A boat ride also leads to a bit of cock sucking and some raft sex.

Amateur night at the strip club on spring break can obviously get kind of wild. Their titties are out in the open and they’ve dropped their dresses to the ground to show off all their sexy panties.

That’s it for this week, Peepz. I hope you’ve relived the sexier part of your glory days. I’m going to get back to my desk job and fantasize about all the orgies that happened in my dorm room.

I’ll see you next week, but if you’d like a Fap Along list of your very own, hit me up in the comments or get in touch with me on twitter.

Image: Spring Break Night Club by Reality Kings

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