Fap Along With Harlot: Take it to the Bank

by Alpha Harlot on November 3, 2018

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Hello Peepz! It’s time for another exciting masturbatory adventure! This week, I uncovered five ladies with the last name of Banks. None of them are actually related, and I’m fairly certain that Banks is not their actual government name.

It doesn’t matter though.

The sex is money and you’re going to want to empty your balls faster than you’d empty your pockets at a strip club.

You ready to get off with me? Grab your favorite fuck sock and let’s fap!

Cassidy Banks can give some serious head. In this super sexy, sloppy BJ clip, she soaks her own titties with her saliva while she’s pleasing her co-star. Also, her butthole is super fuckable.

Beautiful and blonde, Briana Banks certainly knows how to please the ladies. She spreads her thighs wide while she’s wearing lingerie in this next video.

Sarah Banks shows off her sexy curves while she’s getting plowed from behind. She moans like crazy and you Peepz know how much I love ladies that are vocal.

Kinky cutie Blaire Banks wears glasses. You know what’s hot in porno but the worst thing to physically happen to you in person? Getting jizz all over your specs. One of the good things about being a lesbian now is probably that I never have to deal with jizz covered glasses again.

Rounding out this Fap Along collection is Katie Banks. She hooks up with her “brother’s” bff and has zero regrets. My favorite part of this scene is when she’s laying on her back with a dick in her pussy and she starts teasing her own clit.

That’s all for this week, Peepz. I hope your cumshots have been plentiful. Get in touch with me in the comments below or on twitter if you’d like a Fap Along of your very own.

Image: Amethyst Banks & Gracie Green in At Her Service by Brazzers

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