Fap Along With Harlot: Take My Picture

by Alpha Harlot on January 1, 2017

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Tis the season to receive expensive gifts. When I was younger, I was under the impression that anyone with a fancy pants DSLR was a photographer, and therefore completely qualified to take naked pictures of me while stuffing dildos into my butthole.

As I grew older and wiser, I learned that this was not always never the case.

Legit photographers can sometimes get a bad rep because of all the creepers out there trying to infringe upon the art that they are actually trying to create…this top 5 list is not going to help their case out at all. You Peepz have your jizz receptacles ready? Let’s Fap!

My favorite line in this first pictorial fantasy is hands down, “I mean even with all the D cups, err I mean, hiccups we had, we were still able to get the pictures.” It’s a soft and sensual clip with plenty of build up and a hot one-the-tongue cumshot at the end.

I feel like I lived through this clip a few times in my life. I don’t know that I ever actually believed the dudes taking the pictures had the ability to make me famous, but at least I was getting fucked…sometimes not so well, but the sex was happening.

A bruise on the bottom of a model leads her into a threesome with the photographer and her assistant. Sexy lingerie are mixed with girl-next-door garb and the result is an explosion in my pants. The sexiest moment may be when the assistant is sucking dick and eating pussy at the same time.

If you’ve been reading my posts for awhile, you know that I’m hella into BDSM and most things kinky. The photographer in this video takes advantage of the newbie model that has arrived in his studio. He takes a few shots of her fully clothed, but then works a ball gag into the shoot and it’s all uphill from there.

A boudoir photoshoot for Veronica Avluv is the perfect excuse for seduction. Johnny Sins is like putty in her hands and he can’t seem to keep his mouth off her huge boobs.

That’s it for this week, Peepz. Hit me up in the comments below if you’d like a Fap Along of your very own. Cumming along with you is one of my favorite things to do.

Image: Jenni Lee in The Wedding Photographer

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