Fap Along With Harlot: Wanking While Working

by Alpha Harlot on June 2, 2018

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My posts for Peeperz usually get written a week or so before you actually get to read them. Right at this very moment, as I’m banging away at the filthy keyboard on my laptop, I’m on a long holiday weekend. I don’t miss working. I’m half dreading going into the office bright and early tomorrow morning. I never miss coming up with new work sexy time fantasies though.

To make my long weekend last a little bit longer, I’ve put together a list of five workplace fucking clips to lube up my kinked out brain. I suggest you push that stack of papers over to the side and get ready to pump yourself to an orgasm.

When your boss brings his daughter to work and she’s as hot as fuck, sometimes it’s hard to keep your dick in your pants. The hot Latina in this clip gets fucked in every room possible and refuses to stay quiet when she’s getting her pussy pounded from behind.

Bartenders need sex too. With all the stress that they have to deal with, they may need it more than the rest of us. I couldn’t do their job, for reals. The bartender in this video gets offered some cash for showing off her body and eventually for getting fucked on the clock.

Zara DuRose is trying to steal some important documents but ends up in a different type of compromising position. I love that she doesn’t even bother to take her ski mask off when she’s giving a blow job. That’s on my bucket list for sure.

My latest obsession Lisa Ann is a prison guard who takes advantage of one of the inmates in this Bang Bros video. She sucks him off through the bars but then opens up the cell to get balls deep on his cock. She’s the original MILF and you’re not going to find a scene that isn’t splooge worthy.

Casting couch clips are the ultimate creepy at work encounter. Some producer gets a beautiful woman onto his leather couch and convinces her that she could be in movies, but she has to fuck him first. Here’s a clip with double the ladies for our masturbatory pleasure.

That’s it for me this week, Peepz. Fingers crossed that I’ve made it through my own work week, but at least I’ve got a few pulsing orgasms under my belt now.

Image: Spencer Scott and Vanessa Veracruz in Ms. Boss by Brazzers

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