Fap Along With Harlot: We’re Going Plaid!

Last year for Halloween, I was a farmer, my wife was a carrot and our pug was an ear of corn. We didn’t put much thought our effort into our costumes, we just found the dog corn costume and built ours around that. I kind of bugged me that I was just wearing jeans and a button down plaid shirt. I mean, it’s not something that I’d wear every day, I’m more into flirty dresses and stockings for work attire. Last Thursday though, I needed to do a whole lot of manual labor and filthy box moving in my office, so I decided to throw on my “Halloween Costume” and head into work.

Can I tell you that I’ve never gotten as many compliments on my outfit as I did that day? I was super confused. I usually put so much time and effort into figuring out which pair of technicolor tights matches with my fancy printed leggings and all I had to do to get a compliment was wear a plaid button down?


This foray into the nether regions of my closet got me thinking about ladies wearing plaid in porno clips. You better believe that there are a metric fuck ton of them out there. Ready to see the list I’ve pulled together for you Peepz? Let’s start fapping!

First up is Mea Melone getting gangbanged for the love of dick. She’s wearing a grey sleeveless top that can barely contain her gorgeous titties.

We get up close and personal with the pussy of PornHub Community Member Poundcak3 for this one, and there is no place I would rather be. She gets loud and kinky when her shaved puss is getting plowed by her boyfriend’s cock…it’s sexy as fuck.

You didn’t think I was going to get through a post about plaid without throwing in some school girl skirt action, did you? If there were hotness tiers in the plaid spectrum, skirts would be all the way at the top. There are so many hot girls at this party that choosing just one to fuck would be a rough decision to make.

Before she obtained MILF status, Kristen Price was a stunning new starlet who loved getting her cunt spanked for fun. Her pink plaid thong matches her assless chaps perfectly…and that’s just how I like it.

For our faptastic finale tonight, I’ve lined up a curvy, beautiful blonde babe dressed in a super sexy outfit. She shakes her ass and spreads her thighs to entice us with her farm girl feel. I bet you all the porn on PornHub that, as soon as she starts DPing herself, you lose your goo all over the place.

That’s all for me this week, Peepz. May your orgasms be intense and your cleanup be quick.

Image: Mandy Haze and Johnny Sinns in Ho Hardware by Brazzers