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by Alpha Harlot on January 23, 2018

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Little known Harlot fact:

Back when I was in grammar school, I wanted more than anything to be a fashion designer. I was always mixing and matching my clothes to the point where my mom was embarrassed to go shopping with me.

It’s whatever though. I ended up giving up my dream when I realized that the type of fashion that I was interested in making was not exactly the type of clothing you’d wear out on the streets.

I didn’t even know what fetish clothing was, but I was drawing up sketches of corsets and wide fence net stockings covering up legs.

When I was surfing around snapchat and I saw that Moschino’s Fall 2018 Men’s Wear Collection featured plenty of latex and kink, I had to share it with you Peepz.

You can watch the whole runway walk from beginning to end in this clip:

But if you’re looking for some snippets and highlights, here are some stills.

I honestly love the way that the designer, Jeremy Scott, uses the latex and the leather as a backdrop for his designs. It’s like he’s using them as a neutral canvas to display his work. The jackets and pullovers are mostly all articles that I’d love to have in my closet, and I’m pretty sure I already own a pair or two of the boots his models are rocking.

Normalizing kink and fetish is a hot topic for some in the community, but I don’t see the harm in acceptance. Sure oversaturation (think post Shades of Grey) can be annoying, but eventually it all settles out and we’re left with new additions to the community that are willing to learn and add to all of our experiences.

Source and Images: Vogue

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