Finally Katy Perry Shows Us Her Panties

by Joy Topaz on June 17, 2010

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Katy Perry has been showing off her cleavage for awhile now. But we’ve never had the chance for such a glorious hot shot of under-ass cleavage before. Katy Perry’s upskirt comes during a perfect fashion moment, while she’s dressed as Malibu Fetish Barbie.

With a dress that tight we’re surprised (and a bit let down) there were any panties involved at all. But with more and more of her skin making an appearance we’re sure any day we’ll see more than a tease. Maybe she could ease us into it. She could start off with a Daisy Lowe like ass shaking video, move on to a sophisticated and artsy Playboy spread and then accidentally release a sex tape with fiance Russel Brand. That is one sex tape we’d be lining up for.

For now we’ll happily make due with with Katy’s hungry buttocks. We’re envious of that flesh colored cloth.

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