Firefighters Pull Naked Woman Out Of A Well

by Calvin Clark on October 17, 2017

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Unfortunately for a 21-year-old Spanish woman, a quick romp atop a waterwheel in a public park took a turn for the worst when the wooden boards she was sitting on slid out of place. The woman and her lover were abruptly interrupted mid coitis as she plunged nearly 30 feet down a well. Eek!

Her lover, being the level-headed man that he is, immediately fled the scene never to be seen or heard from again. Thankfully someone else noticed what happened and made an anonymous call to local firefighters who quickly responded, presumably after laughing the entire way over.

When she was pulled out of the well the woman was soaking wet, half naked, and hypothermic. She was taken to the hospital overnight and released the next morning. What a romantic ending!

The incident happened at “Playa Park” in Ciudad Real, Spain. It’s a popular waterpark well known to locals as a good place to go for romantic encounters and outdoor partying. The park has a number of wells just like the one where this sexy accident occurred, so firefighters has already issued a warning to local youths.

It probably read something like “Don’t be so nerdy, fuck somewhere sturdy” but in Spanish.

While we’re happy the woman involved walked away from the fall unharmed, we’re also kind of aroused by her story. Pulling a soaking wet lady out of a well with no underwear on sounds suspiciously like the first five minutes of the last video I watched on Pornhub.

At any rate, having sex outdoors would probably be on my sexual bucket list if I wasn’t terrified by the very idea of it. The risk of getting caught probably adds to the excitement of the whole experience, but I’d be more scared of attracting a bee swarm or a rabid squirrel.

Now I have to worry about wells too! Nature is really scary.

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