Five Erotic Vimeo Videos For Your Pleasure

by Lola Byrd on August 17, 2011

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1. Agent Provocateur Super 8 Dreams – Love Hate Productions

If you have no clue what Agent Provocateur is let me tell you that they are a kick ass lingerie company. Hot-damn, do they ever know how to sex up a woman’s body with the finest underwear known to man. If I could afford it, I’d have a closest full of their merch.

Sultry and hot, this video is down right steamy with old film charm. The Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra song is a nice touch too. I like.

AGENT PROVOACATUER ‘SUPER8 DREAMS’ from LoveHate Productions on Vimeo.

2. Red Rope – Gray Agent

“Not a muse or a mannequin, I’m an emotive performer and one hell of a tease.”

Nicole Vaunt (what a last name), the model in this particular vid is one hot piece of ass and she knows just how to flaunt it. That’s her in the header pic by the way. Hot!

red rope. from Nicole Vaunt on Vimeo.

3. Garage Mechanic Playmate Catia Rocha – Playboy Portugal

What is it about a hot chick in a mechanics shop that so hot? Is it the grease, the oil, the lighting, the suspenders? Who knows, but it sure as hell works for me. I love her tits! They look real, which is always a plus in my book… Makes me want to give them a little squeeze. I’m so happy I have my own pair of tits, so I can grab ’em whenever the temptation takes a hold of me… Like now.


4. Bionic – Greg Williams

This vid starring Zahia Dehar is sexy, ya know cause Zahia is in it, but it’s also a little wtf, funny, and a tad sad. But hey, it’s always cool too say sex dolls take their revenge on the mad scientists who created her for sex purposes. Actually, without giving too much away, I think this premise could be stretched into a feature length movie. I would definitely fork out some of my hard earned cash to see a bionic sex doll escape her creators and run amok in the city.

Bionic from Greg Williams on Vimeo.

5. Devendra Banhart at the Rainbow House – Oliver Peoples

“Starring real life couple Devendra Banhart and Rebecca Schwartz, the premise of the Oliver Peoples 2011 campaign is an exploration of authentic intimacy and sexuality.”

This one is for you romantic peps out there (I know you exist). You might not want to wank to this video, but you’ll definitely want to find a hot brunette to take a bubble bath with.

This is actually a video for the eye glass company Oliver Peoples, so you guys out there who like cute girls in glass are in for a nice treat. Also, the fact that this vid features a real life couple makes it that much cuter and sexy. Although, in my professional opinion it could have used a titty shot or two.

Devendra Banhart at the Rainbow House – Director’s Cut from Oliver Peoples on Vimeo.

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