Five Super Sexy Videos Guaranteed To Turn Your On

by Lola Byrd on April 6, 2012

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Vimeo is a veritable treasure trove of sleek and sexy videos. I’d recommend you all go take a look, by why bother when Peeperz does the searching for you. That’s it, that’s all I have to say as an intro. Now watch and read my commentary before I get mad and you make me come over and make you make me bend me over. Ya, I know, that didn’t make sense, but it sounds good, and if you call me on it, you’ll get a spanking for your trouble, but maybe you’d like that, huh? Unless you’d rather spank me for being so authoritative today… because I wouldn’t mind being taught a lesson.

5. Now I Need You – by Miguel Jacob

Small perky tits and hard as rock nipples are a great combination. I want to be a fashion model just so I can stand topless in front of a giant fan with a see through piece of fabric being held against my skin by the sheer force of wind.

4. The Fallen – by Forrest & Bob

Forrest & Bob is an odd name for a lingerie company, but they sure know how to turn a video into one hell of a tease. If I had a cock it would be throbbing right now. BTW, I want all their merch, so beautiful… I only wish the girl came with the lingerie.

3. Empty Room – by Dawid Pietraszewski & Aga Turowska

I love this girl’s look, and her tattoos, and her feet, and her tits… Jesus, and the way she scratches her own back. I’d love to have someone do that to me right now.

2. Cherry Lips – by Confession Lab

I love it when garter belt straps dig into the flesh of beautiful thighs. It’s a major turn on for me. Yum. In my fantasies, men are always tugging at my lingerie, pulling my bra or panties aside instead of taking them off, so the fabric digs into my flesh. God, I love it.

1. Rebecca Tun: Beautiful Nightmare – by Rollin’ Rockstar

How hot is that flimsy little bra with the nipple slits?! I love how she wakes up from her “nightmare” masturbating and notices the camera and looks right at us when she slips her dress off. Hot! 


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