Flight Attendants Make Sexy Video Between Flights

by Calvin Clark on April 21, 2017

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It’s hard not to develop a crush on flight attendants while traveling. They’re sassy, confident and bring you small packages of snacks. I think of them as very experienced people who have seen it all after years of avoiding the drunken advances of businessmen and breaking up couples trying to have sex mid-flight.

It also doesn’t hurt that airlines typically hire very attractive men and women for this type of work.

After everyone is off the plane and all of the fart smell dissipates, I imagine flight attendants have a lot of fun unwinding. I also like to imagine that they do this while naked and groping each other. This appears to be exactly what’s happening in a video made by two British Airways employees who filmed an erotic video in a hotel room while wearing their uniforms.

In the words of the immortal Uncle Jesse from Full House: “Have mercy.”

The video features two women in BA flight attendant uniforms in the bathroom of a hotel room. They stoop over a bathtub while one of the women helps the other wash her hair. After some smooth jazz and sensual lathering, the women hop into the tub for a rinse and which point the woman getting her hair washed starts stripping off her uniform.

Both women are incredibly attractive, and the one who takes off her uniform is especially buxom. Seeing as the video ended up on YouTube, there isn’t any nudity- although the abrupt ending makes me wonder if there isn’t a longer version floating around.

Still, it’s one of the sexiest things I’ve seen in a while and that’s coming from someone who watches a lot of pornography.

While the clip entertained a few million people on the internet, British Airways didn’t appreciate the exposure. As of right now, nobody has identified the women who may or may not be BA employees. Whether their jobs are in jeopardy depends on a lot of variables, however one this is for certain – whoever the third person was who filmed the whole scene is one of the luckiest bastards on the planet.

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