Florida Radio Station Wants To Get You Pregnant

by Calvin Clark on November 14, 2018

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We talk about sex on this website a lot but one of its least mentioned uses is conceiving babies. Sexual attraction is one of the fundamental building blocks of our economy and the main reason for that is our innate biological desire to procreate.

When we see commercials with attractive people brushing their teeth, we run out and buy toothpaste because of the small bits of our DNA that want to have babies with them. Sex is simply easier to market than furthering the human race by passing along our genes so that’s the part advertisers focus on.

Even people like me who have zero desire to have children still let the prospect of mating (by having sex) motivate our lives, though I can still appreciate the process. Child birth is a beautiful yet kind of gross miracle, and without it there would be no divorced MILFs to round out the majority of my sex life. However there are some couples who dream of starting a family of their own lives but are unable to do so.

It can be heart wrenching to watch people struggle with infertility but thankfully science has been able to help some if they can afford it. For those who can’t a Florida radio host wants to help them get pregnant. Neat!

In Vitro Fertilization is a medical procedure where the eggs and sperm of two people are acquired scientifically and combined to create an embryo that is transferred to a woman’s uterus. While amazing for couples with problems or conditions that prevent natural conception, it entails expensive series of procedures and medications.

This high cost of entry is why Fort Myers’ B1039 teamed up with an IVF clinic to start a “Win a Baby” contest to give one struggling family the opportunity to make their financial situation even worse.

The contest is the brain child of Big Mama, a morning disc jockey and host of “Big Mama and the Wild Bunch.” After experiencing difficulty conceiving a child with his wife they eventually found success with IVF after years of joyless, fruitless baby making. Knowing not everyone lives the luxurious life of a morning zoo radio show host, Big Mama came up with the idea to give away an opportunity to a another needy family.

Contestants were encouraged to make a video explaining their struggles conceiving and submit them to the station. The most deserving family will be selected to receive one round of IVF and all the required medical treatment that goes along it.

According to Big Mama, “Whoever wins this is going to be someone with a heartfelt story going through that struggle. It’s not just going to be like caller 18 and you randomly won tickets to go see Taylor Swift.”

As of the writing of this post the winners of the contest have not been announced.

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