Florida Teacher Fired For Secret Sexy Modeling Career

by RICK RODAY on May 9, 2013

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It’s teacher appreciation week, and we’ve made it all the way to Thursday without talking about the poor bastards. We only ever mention teachers on Peeperz when someone gets busted for having a secret porn career or tweets their sexy, weed-fueled shenanigans.

Thanks to Olivia Sprauer of Martin County, Florida – today is no exception.

While there are a large number of exceptionally devoted educators who were born to nurture young minds, most teachers slide into the profession in a cloud of failed aspirations and student debt. They’re always looking for something to do to pad their modest incomes and make use of some of the free time incurred from working 8 months out of the year.

Most teachers do freelance work in their field of expertise, but the really hot ones just get naked. Enter our heroine.

Olivia Sprauer was a smoking hot English teacher at Martin County High School who used to moonlight as a nude model under the alias Victoria Valentine James. We don’t know how good of a teacher she is, but judging from her modeling it’s safe to say she didn’t have any trouble getting the attention of her male students.

Sadly, the financial security and excitement of her double life was not meant to be. Someone found sexually suggestive photos of her while cruising around modeling pages on Facebook, and once her employer was made aware of the existence of Victoria Valentine James, Ms. Sprauer’s teaching career quickly came to an end. Bummer.

She was planning on resigning from teaching anyway, presumably to further her modeling career, so she probably didn’t lose any sleep over these turn of events. Getting canned a month before school is out is still a moderate setback, but on the positive side everyone on the internet knows her name now.

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