Former Prostitute Made A Dame For Sex Worker Activism

by RICK RODAY on June 17, 2018

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While we try to avoid being needlessly political as a porn blog, there are a few issues that really get us revved up. For example, the legality of prostitution and the danger sex workers may find themselves in as a result.

Make no mistake we are absolutely against the illegal trade of people for forced prostitution and any kind of human trafficking. The fact that these things exist is probably why prostitution is illegal in the first place. It’s a bitter cycle that makes exchanging sex for money more dangerous for everyone.

Decriminalizing the exchange of money for sexual favors is an excellent compromise. Removing the criminal penalties for prostitution creates a safer and healthier environment for sex workers and significantly decreases the need for illegal prostitution. Many people support such actions- including the Queen of England? Cool!

Catherine Healy is a former sex worker from New Zealand who was instrumental in the decriminalization of prostitution in 2003. Her actions helped give the country’s sex workers labor rights and access to healthcare that made the lives them and their customers safer and healthier.

In honor of this, the 62-year-old was recognized with an Order of Merit for services to the rights of sex workers, making her a Dame. The title is the feminine equivalent of a Knight and as such the honor awarded to Catherine Healy was personally approved by the Queen herself.

Given the complicated shades of grey surrounding the legality of prostitution in the UK, we wonder if this is a sign of things to come.

Currently things are so weird in England that a woman is using temporary pop up brothels to skirt laws against permanent sex businesses. By not staying in one building long enough to incur any punishments, she is able to maintain a safe and discreet place to see clients while staying close to her children’s school. Using a business model normally reserved for upscale boutiques to carry out one’s work in a safe and healthy manner would not be necessary in New Zealand.

Healy was honored and shocked when she was informed of the offer to become a Dame and hopes it will help other countries see the good that has occurred in her country as a result of the decriminalization of prostitution.


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