Four French Quarter Clubs Busted For Prostitution

by RICK RODAY on February 13, 2018

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Getting older has drastically changed how I approach partying. In college when I would go out there wasn’t a lot of thought behind it, it was just a matter of having enough money. Now that I’m a slightly older adult, things have become more complicated.

Staying up past midnight requires a lot of planning. A genetic predisposition to diabetes and awareness of my calorie intake can make a night out difficult when busy bartenders don’t have time to talk to me about low sugar mixers. Though I have substantially more money than I did when I was in school, going out and getting plastered is a rare treat.

In other words, going out as an adult is a big deal and it comes with higher expectations for a good time.

When you only cut loose a few times a year you’re going to need a few guarantees. While college students who go out every weekend may be ok with a night out being a dud, adults want to make sure they’re going to have a good time. That’s where drug dealers and prostitutes come into play.

However, as 4 clubs in New Orleans’ French Quarter found out, offering these amenities in your business carries a heavy risk.

The Big Easy isn’t just a location for Mardi Gras parties. It’s a year-round party destination for adults all over the country looking to have a good time. Like every other city where drinking is the primary attraction, it’s also heavily associated with hookup culture. People going to the French Quarter to party are trying to get laid and the best way to guarantee that is to pay for sex.

Unfortunately, that’s illegal in the United States. For allowing prostitutes to work in their clubs amongst other infractions, Stilettos, Hustlers Barely Legal, Hunks Oasis and Ricks Cabaret have been hit with heavy fines. At least nobody was lured into a booby trap.

The last time we read about someone using nudity to do illegal things in New Orleans, a woman attempted to rob an Uber driver using her breasts as bait. She summoned the man and requested he come to her door which she then answered naked. After accepting the invitation into her home, the driver was attacked by the woman’s boyfriend who tried to rob the victim at knife point.

Though the four clubs busted in a raid by The Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control weren’t doing anything this devious, for promoting prostitution, lewd acts, and illegal drug activity they had their liquor licenses suspended.

For clubs in one of the country’s busiest party destinations that’s a pretty heavy blow.


Image: Asa Akira in Ep-2 Bonus Footage by Brazzers

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