France’s First Sex Doll Brothel Opens In Paris

by RICK RODAY on February 8, 2018

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When I first learned about life size silicone sex dolls, one of my friends thought it would be a good idea if a group of us pitched in for one and rented a storage unit to keep it in. Though his plan was kind of gross, it wasn’t really that farfetched. Those dolls are expensive and nobody really needs 100 percent ownership of one. Sharing a rubber vagina with a bunch of other dudes just didn’t seem very necessary.

Twenty years later in Paris everything would change.

France changed their prostitution laws back in 2016 making paying for sex illegal across the country. This was a huge blow to the many French brothels and the prostitutes they employed. However, the government doesn’t close the door to one sex business without opening the window to another. An industrious business owner decided to fill this gap in the economy with a different kind of brothel.

Sex doll brothels aren’t new in Europe. With prostitution laws always in flux the one constant you can count on is a quiet place to have sex with a rubber woman. Now that brothels of the flesh have been forced to close in France, XDolls in Paris is the country’s first sex doll rental business.

I really hope they invested in a nice steam cleaning system too.

A high-end sex doll can cost thousands of dollars. Though they are made from superior materials and feel extremely lifelike, they’re also the approximate size of a human being. The high cost of ownership and difficulty storing sex dolls makes renting one a good deal. According to some enthusiasts they can even offer emotional support.

Last year we read about a group of Japanese men who enjoy the companionship of their sex dolls so much, they would buy them gifts and take them out on romantic dates. Being this close to their dolls provided them with a level of emotional support causing the men to treat the sex toys like part of the family. It was reported that some married sex doll enthusiasts chose to share a bed with their dolls while their wives slept in another room. Now that’s dedication.

For someone looking to keep things simple with a sex doll, brothels offer rentals for around $100 an hour. This includes being able to chose which doll you want to have sex with and being provided a place to do so.

For XDolls in Paris, their website keeps the location of their brothel hidden until you sign up and reserve time with one of their three available dolls. While they can’t be specific about the address, they do assure visitors that the dolls are disinfected after every use.

Well that’s good to know.


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