Frequency of Sex Increases with Pot Use: Science!

by Alpha Harlot on November 5, 2017

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Some of the hottest sex I’ve had in my life has happened when I’ve been under the influence of something or other. When my inhibitions go out the window, my sex drive perks up to a point that I’m a force of nature. I can fuck for hours without even batting an eye or allowing any of my limbs to be tired. Have you ever tried finger banging for an hour straight? It’ll give you muscles a workout, believe me.

Herb gives me superpowers though. I don’t smoke much anymore, mostly because my life involves working, going to the gym and being otherwise productive. I’m an old lady who is lacking cats (but I have a pug and a fish, so maybe that’s the same thing?). Every now and then I’ll get the hankering for a bit of puff and I’ll blaze out on my balcony. It’s relaxing for me, rather than something I do to party.

There has been some research done before about the corrolation between marijuana research and sexual activity. A new study has been published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine that says people who smoke pot regularly have more sex.

They surveyed a bit less than 50,000 people. More women than me were involved in the questioning. I’m not sure why they did that, but all the ladies who blaze and want to bang can line up for a romp outside my bedroom, if they’re interested. They asked questions about how often they smoke and how often they had sex in any given month. Per the NPR article linked below:

Women who consumed marijuana daily had sex 7.1 times a month, on average; for men, it was 6.9 times. Women who didn’t use marijuana at all had sex 6 times a month, on average, while men who didn’t use marijuana had sex an average of 5.6 times a month.

So that means that cannabis users have sex about 20 times more than people who don’t indulge.

This totally makes sense to me.

When I smoke, I feel good and I want to feel even better. Sex is enhanced, touching is enhanced…Making out is enhanced, but I keep bottles of water on hand to help with the dry mouth. This whole situation reminds me of that scene from Half Baked with Jon Stewart:

Sex totally makes me feel like I’m at the top of my game and I make sure I do everything possible to get my partner off and get myself off. When you toss pot into the mix, it’s like cloud 9 all over the place…and that makes me want to have more sex.

I’m going to do some #VintageHarlot shameless self promotion now, because it’s topical. Back in the day when I was posting 3 clips a week on Xtube, I shot theme clips all the goddamn time. Sometimes it was hard to come up with stuff to fuck myself with, but sometimes fantastic accidents happened.

For 4/20 one year, and then every year after that I was filming consistently, I fucked myself with a glass pipe and was able to catch my squirt in order to drink it. Here’s the visual evidence:

Squirt *****! Happy 4/20!! powered by XTube

So what do you Peepz think?

Does blazing give your sex drive a boost or do you become a television watching zombie? Have you ever had a super sexy experience while you were blitzed? Hit me up in the comments below or on twitter because you know how much I love hearing your stories.

Source: NPR and The Journal of Sexual Medicine

Image: Jordan Ash and Keiran Lee in Porn Science by Brazzers

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