Game Night Fantasy

by Alpha Harlot on February 10, 2019

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I can’t stop my brain from going full perv sometimes, Peepz.

My wife and I were hanging out at a Pokemon Go raid and we started talking to one of the guys that was raiding with us. We ended up defeating the monster (Palkia, if anyone cares) and we started walking over to our car. Before we got in that guy pulled up to us and was like, “I know we don’t know each other or anything, but you seem pretty cool. Do you want to come over to my place tonight to play some games? My wife is having a few friends over and I think you’d have fun.”

This is possibly the first time that I’ve randomly gone to a strangers house since I stopped being a Craig’s List slut, but we decided that it might be fun.

Around 8, I grabbed a few single beers from our fridge stash and we headed over. Now, we kind of made a contingency plan beforehand, because sometimes wifey and I end up in awkwardly terrible situations and have issues getting out of them. We figured that we’d stay for an hour definitely, but then I’d start talking about our dog being sick if we weren’t having fun and we’d just leave. No big deal.

We walked in the house and the guy’s wife seemed nice, but super apprehensive. They don’t seem to be the type that has a lot of LGBT+ friends, but she smiled and we rolled with it. The doorbell kept ringing and soon there were 8 of us sitting around the table.

The guy’s wife’s friends were all SUPER attractive. Hair totally done…makeup on point…clothes looking fresh and expensive purses to boot. I immediately started wondering if there was even a remote possibility that I could turn this group gathering into an orgy.

We started playing a game called Unstable Unicorns. One of the cards was an Extremely Fertile Unicorn. Everyone snickered and someone started talking about anal sex and making babies. These were my kind of people. I never want to be the one to break the perverse ice because sometimes that’s a line that you can’t come back from. I will run straight over that line the moment that someone brings up rim jobs, don’t get it twisted.

I started zoning out on the game and thinking about how sexy it would be to have all 6 of the ladies in the room completely naked and laying down on the dining room table with their legs spread open wide. If that were the case, I could slowly lick each of them, moving around in a circle.

It was my turn, but I wasn’t paying attention so my wife kicked me under the table.

I’ve been out of the game so long that sometimes I forget how to make orgies happen. Next time we hang out though, I think I may start laying the groundwork. I mean, if people are down to talk about anal gaping the first time you hang out with them, they’re probably fairly open to group sex, right?

Maybe that’s a far stretch. We shall see.

Image: Diamond Foxxx in Game Night Fuck by Brazzers

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