Game Of Thrones’ Esme Bianco Full Frontal Nude Pics

by Bucky Beall on June 4, 2013

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We started posting up Game of Thrones related posts because we’re nerds and because the show has tons of naked hotties getting it on.

But we got a pleasant surprise in the Peeperz stats when we found some of the top Googled terms that were bringing people to the site included phrases like “Game of Thrones sex scenes”, “GoT nudity”, “Is Bucky Beall taller than Tyrion Lannister?”, “Dwarf porn”, “Sexposition”, “Esme Biaco tits”, “I’d fuck the shit out of that girl who plays Daenerys,” etc.

The show is a crazy huge hit, and not just among fans of porno, D&D, BDS&M, and those who like all three – everyone is watching this shit. I’m not caught up yet but all my Facebook friends are flipping out over the new episode and “the red wedding” that’s in it? I’m assuming all the characters we like get married and live happily ever after?

Talking about spoilers, our favorite prostitute on the show, Ros, played by actress and burlesquer Esme Bianco, probably won’t be back for future seasons but don’t miss her bod quite yet, here’s some full frontal nude pics she did for the sake of art.

Look, it’s her pussy, you don’t see that on HBO…at least not through her merkin:



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