Geri Halliwell’s Flashing Frolic

by Joy Topaz on June 22, 2010

Post image for Geri Halliwell’s Flashing Frolic

This past weekend Geri Halliwell was hanging out in her bikini. Literally. Some sharp shooter photographer managed to capture the exact moment when the sun aligned with the movement of her leg creating a millisecond chasm of bikini and labia. That is some eye. Actually, that is some sneak peak labia.

We were too busy squirming in our seats after reading about the Rape-aXe to post the picture. But then we come to work on this bright and cheery day and wouldn’t you know it, there is Geri Halliwell with yet another upskirt shot.

This sudden proliferation of Geri’s goods have us pondering the existence of a higher power. Perhaps there is a spiritual force that believes in glorious upskirts, shining nip slips and praiseworthy pussy displays. Amen.

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