Getting Back into the Swing

by Alpha Harlot on August 2, 2018

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When it comes to my personal relationship with BDSM, there is a long sordid history. Part of me thinks that I got in way too deep when I was much too young but I’m also very thankful to have been given the knowledge that I have. My wife is extremely into BDSM at this point in our relationship, which means that I have to figure out if I want back in again.

I skipped the annual TES Fest this summer, because my headspace wasn’t right. There is a lot of talk about consent and communication happening in the scene now. It is way overdue and I’m honestly a little bitter about it. Where was all the consent talk when I was busting into the lifestyle with something to prove? When you’re discussing limits in regards to bondage, beating and electricity (which are specifically the kinks that I happen to be into…but the list obviously goes on forever) I never even realized that I had the option to say, “Hey, that’s enough,” because in my experience, if your safe word is red, and you call yellow…all play stops. I had been under the impression that yellow meant, “Slow down,” or, “Ease up,” but to so many of the Tops that I played with, that was not the case with a large number of my play partners.

When a bunch of kinky people want to get together in a public setting to hang out and talk, it’s called a much. My wife and I went to one last week and it was unlike any other I’ve been to. The people were welcoming, friendly and very interested in getting to know us. From my point of view, it wasn’t even that they wanted to have a threesome or anything. They were actually interested in us becoming part of their community. Everyone introduced themselves and no one creeped us out in the slightest. It made me happy and hopefully that maybe I do need to give the BDSM community another shot, rather than just play behind closed doors.

When we left the munch, my wife and I had an amazing conversation about what we are both looking for in the BDSM side of our lives. We both understand that we have a lot to learn and we’re committed to going through the process together. So far, we made plans with another lesbian couple to have drinks next weekend. I’ve got my fingers crossed that we’ll all end up in a heap of trouble before the end of the night.

Here’s a PornHub video from Kink with a whole lot of hardcore action. It’s going to be awhile before I can work my body up to taking sensations as heavy as this, but at least an orgy like this is something to shoot for.

Image: Katrina Jade in Wax and Cracks by Brazzers

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