GhostCam Records Wife Cheating With Her Stepson, No Ghosts

by Calvin Clark on November 11, 2015

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A man in Australia heard mysterious sounds in the house at night. I’m assuming he was hearing a lot of mystifying moans, voices, bangs, thuds, throaty whispers, perhaps even an eerie high pitched voice calling on the Lord to save her, just creepily saying “Oh God Oh God Oh God”, over and over again.

Since he’s obviously seen the Paranormal Activity fright flicks, the movies where the plot revolves around spirits being caught on tape via cameras set up around the house, the man did the same.

And just like in the movies he captured something terrifying on film. Something horrifying which ruined his life and his sanity.

No, not a demon haunting his house, something worse. His 28 year old wife fucking her 16 year stepson, his biological son.

Turns out she had fallen for the hunky and way too young new man in the house and ended up seducing him. With the evidence on tape she’s now in court for getting involved with a minor and you know, general ickiness? No word when the horror movie based on this true story is coming to theaters.

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