Gigi Hadid Naked On A Horse For Allure & Butt Shot From W

How do you guys feel about Gigi Hadid? Do you look at her and just swoon? Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. When Gigi first came onto the scene I was pretty enamored with her, but then I realized who her mother was and I couldn’t shake the ressemblance.

I try not to judge people too harshly, but I have an inherent bias against anyone who would star in a relality TV show called The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Unfortunately, that bias extends to the children of said star. The taint is just that pervasive.

Mostly, I find that most of the photoshoots Gigi has done have been kind of bland. She’s gorgeous, that’s for sure, but her pics have been kind of boring. She reminds me of Elsa Hosk in that way. When Elsa was trying to make it big she was in plenty of gorgeous photoshoots, then she became a superstar and her photoshoots became bland as fuck.

It’s not just the fact that as these two models became really, really famous they stopped doing as much nudity, it’s that the brands they represent (i.e. Victoria Secret in Elsa’s case) are kind of boring.

Out of all the pics in this post the butt shot is the only one that gives me that wow feeling:


Gigi has Barbie’s butt:


The ressemblance is uncanny.

The horse picture (see header) comes in at a close second and it almost classifies as a wow, but there’s a little something missing, or rather it’s a little something that should be missing. I’m talking about her thong. The lines of the image would be much nicer without the thong.

Click on images below for larger versions of the Allure pics:

Pictures from the W Mag Korea shoot:

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