Girl Crush: Ashley Smith & Gap-Toothed Beauties

What is it about a girl with a gap between her two front teeth that drives me so wild? I guess it adds just the right amount of weirdness to a pretty face. Anyone who looks too perfect feels computer generated to me.

I myself was a gap-toothed teenager but I stupidly let my parents pay tons of money to ruin my adorable piratey weirdness with braces. I have kind of perfect teeth now but it’s a perfection I dislike.

Blonde gap-toothed models are really on the rise right now and my favorite by far is Ashley Smith. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen her strolling around Manhattan with her boyfriend and hubba hubba. Her gap is the most extreme I’ve seen. You could practically fit another tooth in there. And for a pale scrawny model she is exceptionally stacked.

Why is it that more and more high fashion models look like porn stars? I’m not complaining. Enjoy this hot round up of some of Ashley’s finer moments before the camera. She has that innocent girl gone naughty look that I love so much.