Glee’s Heather Morris’ Leaked Nudie Pics

by Bucky Beall on March 12, 2012

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Bucky Beall’s ashamed to admit he knows who Heather Morris,  note he’s  not ashamed to admire her firm dancer’s body and fierce good looks, but it’s from tv’s Glee that he recognizes Morris from, and that’s a terrible thing.

How and why? Sometimes Bucky’s let a fine female friend access to the remote since later that night he’ll get to smell their pussy and a chick-oh putting on Glee is a small price to pay for some gina-huffing. And the torture of that horrible show is softened by staring at the programs girlies and Heather’s the one that gives him the most ultra-chub, especially since she posed for artistic nude pics at the start of her career, and especially since she shot a bunch of sexy naked photos on her iPhone and just accidentally put them online.

It looks like Heather didn’t realize she had her Apple MobileMe account set to display the personal photos she took on her cell publicly on the internet. She’s since taken them down but, natch, not fast enough:


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