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by Alpha Harlot on September 9, 2017

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Movie soundtracks are everything. A little bit of tense, thrilling music can totally change the feel of a scene. When sad shit is going down, it’s undoubtedly the music that warns you of the upcoming tears before they actually start flowing. Porno has the very recognizable, “Bow chicka bow wow,” from the 70s that now translates into, “They’re gonna do it,” in real life.

True world bedroom antics are all about combining rhythm and pleasure.

Ann Powers, a music critic for NPR, has just released a book on the subject, called Good Booty: Love and Sex, Black and White, Body and Soul in American Music.

The title of the book comes from the fact that Little Richard’s song Tutti Frutti was actually written as a filthy, raunchy song about fucking. The lyric, “Tutti Frutti,” was originally “Good Booty,” which is obviously something that I am a huge fan of.

Everyone needs a little ass in their life.

The evolution of sex and music has progressed simultaneously. During the sexual revolution, musicians found new and exciting ways to express themselves with the music that they wrote. Each year, new boundaries are broken down and built back up again by people who are brave enough to push society’s limits. The bass gets thicker, the clothes get skimpier and, in some cases, it is hard to tell dancing apart from sex itself. Again…I’m totally OK with this. If you pop, “Music Video” into Peeperz search engine above and all sorts of examples will pop up.

You can listen to an interview with Ann Powers discussing her newly released book by clicking here:

Powers says:

[It’s] a cliché to say that popular music and particularly rock ‘n’ roll is about sex or is, you know, motivated by sex, sexual feelings. But I wanted to go deeper. … I wanted to go beyond just that kind of clichéd statement. Oh yeah, of course, this is “dirty music” or whatever and really think about how, in every era from the 19th century to the present, the particular anxieties of the time and the possibilities of that time were reflected in and shaped by music.

I’m totally here for music and sex being one in the same. The way we move and feel is passionate in the bedroom and on the dancefloor.

I’m going to leave you with my favorite song to fuck to…Book of the Month by Lovage


Image: Amia Miley, Holly Hendrix and Isis Love in 1-800-Phone Sex Line by Brazzers

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