Good MILFs Behaving Badly

by Calvin Clark on June 4, 2016

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The suburban stay-at-home mom is rapidly becoming one of the most sexualized demographics in Western culture, and for good reason. With yoga, healthy diets, and skin tight clothing all being marketed to women well into their 40s, the American MILF has never been hotter. Meanwhile, they spend the majority of their day taking care of snot nosed babies while trying to find outlets for their sexual boredom.

In her article The 40-Year-Old Reversion, Amy Sohn talks about the ways in which a group of 40-something mothers deal with the boredom and monotony of raising children while being in their sexual peak. Though it kind of sounds like a bunch of bored housewives complaining, it’s actually pretty hot. The stories are supposed to be cringe inducing tales of substance abuse and infidelity, but because I work in porn I only cringed shortly before I started masturbating.

They essentially tell the tale of a bunch of well-to-do 40 year olds behaving like twenty-something hipsters. She notes that with people casually doing drugs, giddy over how rebellious it feels and drunk women stumbling out of a party – the only thing that has changed since their 20s is the baby sitter they had to hire.

I’ve never been much of a partier but I’ve been around a lot of people who do. Now that we’re all approaching late adulthood it’s kind of sad to watch them attempt to relive their glory days while the younger people they party with look at them and self-reflect on their direction in life.

Sohn’s article is the precursor to a book, roughly about the same topic. I probably won’t read it because I’m still technically in my 20s and I don’t give a shit about a bunch of old, rich, white people and their fake problems. I just thought it was cool to read about horny MILFs flashing their new boob jobs in restaurants and talking about getting fingered in the back of their minivans while on business trips.

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