Gorgeous Killers – Naked Ladies Will Make You Cream Your Pants

by Lola Byrd on February 21, 2012

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A came across Las Vegas based photographer Jay Cinista on tunblr where he host the photo-blog Gorgeous Killers. His style reminds me Terry Richardson (minus the celebrities) and American Apparel ad spots. It’s gotten to a point where any half naked girl wearing knee high socks reminds me of AA ads, because that’s basically all they consist of. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a photographer who puts his skills to good use; taking half naked pics of hot chicks.

Besides, I’m a fan of Terry Richardson and all the dudes like him who think a camera is a good enough excuse to ask a lady to take her clothes of. I’d have a lot less to write about and a lot less masturbatory fodder without the geniuses who know the basics of good lighting, exposure, and shutter speed.

Jay Cinista is a photographer for Model Mayhem, the place where all alt chicks go to take off their clothes, and his profile speaks to the kind of stellar gentleman and scholar he is. “FLAKERS will not be tolerated,” whatever the hell that means, and although he recently quit drinking and taking drugs, he still believes that “shooting models fucked up always produces great photos.” So, you know, if you’re interested in hiring him you may want to take that into account, and if you’re interested in modeling for him take the following two Jay Cinista tips to heart:

  1. Please have nice eyebrows when you come to my shoots or I will put a mask on you.
  2. Unless it helps the mood of the shoot; do not tell me about your guy problems. I am your photographer NOT your psychiatrist.


Unless is you want to end up looking like this girl:

Cream? Yes, please.

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Via gorgeouskillers.tumblr.com

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