Grimey Dirtbag Eaten Out By Some Vagrant – Ke$ha Sex Pics

by Bucky Beall on December 13, 2010

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I overuse the term “dirty slut” and when I do use it I mean it as an expression. When I call Paris Hilton a dirty slut, I obviously don’t mean she’s actually covered in dirt. I should be reserving the term for pop-tard Ke$ha, who literally is a dirty slut – she’s a whore who spreads her legs for any ass who wants some, and who is physically covered in grime. She’s so fucking filthy, I’ve heard she spreads plague to those who brush up against her… fucking her results in the bugs who live in her body burrowing into your dick.

During the summer we posted a leaked photo of Ke$ha, with her tits and stomach covered in cum. We have new leaked oral sex pics of some 56 year old trucker, or maybe her dad, eating her out. I put in the previous money shot photo too, just for fun.

  • N-A-S-T-Y mannnnnnn

    • Anonymous

      she probably had to pay that guy to down on her nasty snatch

  • BIG

    Hey!!!…PUSSY, PUSSY !

  • Gwill69

    I’d eat that pussy all night long

  • Rrm615

    Why is she a dirty slut? She’s just doing what most males do, banging anything and everything. Go Ke$ha!!!!!

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