Handcuff Me, Honey!

by Alpha Harlot on August 13, 2013

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When I was working at the porn shop and the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon hit, we couldn’t keep the kinky toys on the shelves. Instead of The Rabbit Vibe being our best selling sex novelty, handcuffs moved to the top of the reorder list. Whether they were fuzzy and pink or silver metal police issue, people were buying them up like hotcakes.

There are a few honestly realistic reasons why I am not a fan of handcuffs even though I am very into being restrained. Mostly, it’s because handcuff marks are tough to hide. If my tits are getting flogged till their red or my ass is getting paddled until it’s purple, I can just wear clothing to cover up my bruises and no one in the office knows the difference.

Your wrists are always out in the open though, no matter how long your sleeves are or how many bracelets you put on, the red rings are visible and considering the fact that I’m not exactly in the market to get arrested for anything, when people see the red marks they know what I’ve been up to.

Lubing up your wrists with lotion before you start getting rough will help the marking a bit. So will wrapping a small piece of cloth in between the cuff and your body. It’s kind of the same principle as fluffy handcuffs, putting a barrier in between the metal and your skin helps to minimize the scraping of your skin.

Here’s a video of two couples and a mistress getting some kinky sex lessons over on KeezMovies:

A group of four HOT singles get a lesson in foreplay brought to you by KeezMovies.com

Couples who want to show off on cam are always hot. Add some bondage into the mix and I’m ready to cum.

Girl in handcuffs makes a nice DeepThroat brought to you by PornHub

The other thing that isn’t so awesome about metal shackles is the fact that sometimes the keys go missing and this can lead to a rather embarrassing telephone call to your local police station. Everyone always says that it isn’t going to happen to them, but it only takes one flick of the fingers to toss the key just out of reach.

The Montreal Gazette reports that firefighters in London have had to be called to free nearly 80 citizens that were stuck in cuffs and unable to free themselves in the past 3 years.

Now, that might not seem like a lot considering how many people live in the city, but the calls would have definitely been avoidable if people had been a bit more careful when they were getting frisky.

With so many other bondage options, like cuffs that Velcro or buckle, I really don’t see the need to use actual handcuffs in the bedroom. Something as simple as rope or even having your lover tie you up with a pair of stockings can be even more sexy than the metal bracelets and much less likely to have the authorities involved in extraction.

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