Happy Friday: It’s Time For More Lola Byrd Boob Action!

by Lola Byrd on June 28, 2013

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I took some pictures of my boobs this morning. I posted them on Peeperz for ya. I should have waited till this afternoon, so I could have shown of my nails. I’m getting them did at lunch. My first shellac manicure.

That shit DOES NOT chip, apparently.

That’s what the girls at the hair salon tell me anyhow. My go to nail colors are black, red, and the occasional pink, but today I feel like going for something really FLASH. Maybe neon orange or somethin’.

I also got my hair done this week and its looking mighty nice if you ask me. And tomorrow I’m getting my usual salon extended bikini wax. So basically, I’m going to look like a doll.

Oh, oh, oh, and yesterday I went lingerie shopping. My underwear drawer was in bad need of being replenished. My go to color when it comes to lingerie is black, obviously, which means I got several pairs of silky and/or lacy black panties with the exception of one pink pair with tiny black polka dots and lace side panels. Oh, and the same pair, but in gray silk instead of pink.

That pretty much covers all the girly things about my week. Now that you’ve basically read my to-do and shopping list enjoy some boobage.

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  • FeloniousMonk

    After a brief hiatus, what do I find? Only the best welcome back ever! Beautiful as always, lovely Lola.

  • Robonino123

    Thanks for the excellent pics Lola!

  • Rick Roday

    Lovely boobs as always, Lola. However if you could humor my nail fetish I’d love to see how your manicure turned out :3

    • They are looking mighty fine. I did go for a neon orange. Tequila Sunrise or something like that. And true to advertising, shellac nail polish does not chip.

  • AkariK

    Happy happy Friday indeed! Oh wait, it’s Saturday. Still, lovely as always.

  • Chris

    I think your breast are just beautiful. I could only wish you would photograph them every week at least.

    • Haha, that would be a lot of Lola boob on the Internet.

      • Chris

        It would be something to look forward to though. I will just appreciate them when you feel the need to show them. I enjoy your writing also, by the way.

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  • Kemal

    Would love to see your titties tied up somehow lola! Rubberbands work magic for those inexperienced with rope 🙂

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