Harvard University Currently Teaching Anal Sex 101

by RICK RODAY on November 14, 2017

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The butthole is a wonderful thing. Widely regarded as one of the body’s greatest orifices, its versatility is unrivaled. Historically it has been used as a hiding place, somewhere to put your thumb while wasting time, and a great way to introduce yourself to dogs. The anus is also one of the most widely known yet least talked about sexual destinations. A professor at the United States’ second most prestigious university is looking to change that.

According to Natasha, the instructor of “Anal Sex 101,” the sphincter is a universal sexual organ we all have in common. As she tells her students, “not all men have penises, not all women have vaginas… The butthole is the great sexual equalizer. All humans have a butthole.”

Harvard’s annual Sex Week is upon us again and one of this year’s highlights is an entire course dedicated to satisfying students’ curiosity about anal sex. While many people brag about being the kind of person who learns by doing rather than reading, when it comes to butt stuff most prefer to hear a story or two before shoving diving in.

Not me though, I’m hardcore.

As a mostly straight male my earliest experience with anal play was with my first girlfriend who convinced me to try her vibrator. She had heard about it from a friend and as both of us were rather naïve, we weren’t sure if a man could orgasm from anal stimulation. To both of our surprise and delight it wasn’t only possible but really effective.

This was just my experience as a lowly student of a shabby public university. Students at Harvard expect more from their college experience than getting pegged in the back seat of their girlfriend’s parents’ minivan.

Prior to discovering Harvard’s Sex Week we read that the campus also had a kinky sex club devoted to helping others learn about sex and alternative sexualities. Considering many Americans grow up in conservative homes where asking a parent about anal sex might be difficult, it’s nice to know our future leaders have access to this kind of information before they become judges, politicians, and white collar criminals.

While my hands-on approach was both enlightening and pleasurable, neither I nor my girlfriend had any idea what we were doing. A little education combined with curiosity and an adventurous attitude can go a long way when exploring one’s sexuality. With the high standard the world holds them to, it stands to reason that students at Harvard would have something other than Pornhub to turn to for their post-secondary sexual education.

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