Hayley Kiyoko’s “Curious” Has Me Craving

by Alpha Harlot on January 24, 2018

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Over the years, I’ve wound up at parties with more than one lover in the room. It’s awkward, but it can also be super fun. Who can I sneak off with? Can I get laid by both in the same space? I always took it as more of a challenge than a detrimental situation.

Hayley Kiyoko used to be a Nickelodeon star and she’s grown up into one of the first out LGBT pop stars of her generation. Her music is catchy and she usually directs her own music videos. This is the case for her new song, Curious.

Hayley’s ex (or soon to be ex? It’s fuzzy), a leggy blonde, shows up to a house party with her new boyfriend. She checks her phone when her boyfriend gets out of the car as she’s made some lame lie of an excuse up for why she can’t go over Hayley’s place for a cuddle sesh. She says she’s sick, when really she can’t hang out with Hayley because she’s with her boyfriend who seems to know nothing about her relationship with Hayley.

Hella lame, ladies. No need for lies and stuff. Open honesty always, that’s my motto.

Hayley sees the liar blonde from across the room and then the blonde has the balls to come over to her to say hello.

She’s having none of that nonsense and makes a b-line to another room to find some new hottie to flirt it up with.

The blonde gets jealous and pulls Hayley into the bathroom.

A hot and heavy petting session commences, but Hayley puts on the breaks as soon as the blonde is panting.

You’ll end up with your dick in your hand if you get caught in a lie, Peepz. That’s why even players should lay their cards out on the table.

Here’s the video for your immediate arousal.

I’m loving the interspersed clips of Hayley being felt up on the floor and the fact that the blonde ends up feeling some kind of way when she’s all alone in the bathroom.


Score one for the truth tellers.

Source: Hayley Kiyoko’s twitter.

Image: Hayley Kiyoko’s instagram

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